The dream

On February 5, 2017, Life Church Horizon West celebrated its grand opening at Bay Lake Elementary with a team of 12 people. The church was started with a mission to provide a safe place for people in Horizon West to find and follow Jesus. In the 6 years since, our church has grown to more than 200 with an average of 140 people each Sunday, in spite of some incredible challenges like a global pandemic! The time has come to work toward a permanent facility to help us fulfill the mission of our church. Those first 12 people saw a vision of how a life-giving church could make a difference in the lives of people. This vision is real and very much alive today.

The difference these initial dreamers set out to make has become a reality! Over 50 people have chosen to follow Jesus and 46 have been baptized in just these first few years! With a population pres- ently around 72,000, and so many more moving to the area over the next several years, Life Church is poised to make an even bigger difference for the kingdom.
Let’s keep DREAMING!

Every number is a name.
Every name has a story.
Every story contains a person who God loves.